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Do you see many migraine and headache patients in your practice? We have resources that can help! Our FREE resources are available as a digital download to print at your convenience or pre-printed versions can be delivered directly to your practice. Orders will be shipped in 7-10 business days. This kit is intended for healthcare offices only.

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A Migraine Toolbox

A Practical Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment

The Migraine Toolbox is a free, comprehensive “how-to” course in managing migraine. It covers the diagnosis and treatment of this disease. It includes downloadable practical tools – including questionnaires, medication guidelines for clinicians, a patient brochure, and other resources. Those with migraine have many symptoms and therefore are seen by a wide range of medical professionals. This educational program will enable primary care physicians, nurses, pharmacists, gastroenterologists, and other non-headache specialists to care for these patients.

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